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Exploded views of model rs

All exploded views

  •  Air box
    Air box
  •  Carburettor flange
    Carburettor flange
  •  Carburettor I
    Carburettor I
  •  Carburettor II
    Carburettor II
  •  Carburettor III
    Carburettor III
  •  Clutch
  •  Controls
  •  Crankcase
  •  Dashboard
  •  Drive shaft
    Drive shaft
  •  Driven shaft
    Driven shaft
  •  Electrical system
    Electrical system
  •  Exhaust pipe
    Exhaust pipe
  •  Foot rests   Lateral stand
    Foot rests Lateral stand
  •  Frame
  •  Front body I
    Front body I
  •  Front fork
    Front fork
  •  Front wheel
    Front wheel
  •  Fuel tank
    Fuel tank
  •  Gear control assembly I
    Gear control assembly I
  •  Gear control assembly II
    Gear control assembly II
  •  Horizontal cylinder assembly
    Horizontal cylinder assembly
  •  Ignition unit
    Ignition unit
  •  Lights
  •  Oil pump
    Oil pump
  •  Plate set and decal
    Plate set and decal
  •  Primary gear shaft
    Primary gear shaft
  •  Rear body
    Rear body
  •  Rear brake caliper
    Rear brake caliper
  •  Rear shock absorber
    Rear shock absorber
  •  Rear wheel
    Rear wheel
  •  Starter assembly
    Starter assembly
  •  Valves assembly I
    Valves assembly I
  •  Valves assembly II
    Valves assembly II
  •  Vertical cylinder assembly
    Vertical cylinder assembly
  •  Water pump
    Water pump